VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – April, 22 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: an abducted Ukrainian journalist is released long enough to give a press conference, one of Myanmar’s leading opposition figures dies, a British fighter in Syria gives an up-close and personal look into his makeshift home, and Venezuelan protesters alter an Easter tradition to show discontent for their president.

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Journalist Held by Pro-Russian Separatists Speaks
Ukrainian journalist and activist Irma Krat makes a brief appearance to speak to the media before she’s whisked back into the hands of masked captors.

Opposition Leader Win Tin Dies
A veteran of Myanmar’s pro-democracy movement and the country’s longest-serving political prisoner passes away at 85.

British Jihadist Gives Video Tour of Living Quarters
Amateur video from Syria appears to show where one British fighter and his comrades eat and sleep.

Protesters Burn Effigies of President in Easter Demonstration
Some Venezuelans use the religious holiday to express their disapproval of leader Nicolas Maduro.

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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – April 10, 2014.

The VICE News Capsule is a daily roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: more than 4,000 migrants have been rescued in two days off Italy’s southern coast, a suspected British drug smuggler was arrested in Thailand, anti-austerity protests in Greece and Belgium destroys tons of seized ivory.

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More Than 4000 Migrants Rescued in Two Days
The Italian government says that more than 4,000 migrants have been rescued off of the country’s southern coast over a period of 48 hours.

Suspected British Drug Smuggler Arrested
Thai police arrested a British national who the French police accuse of masterminding an international heroin and cocaine smuggling operation.

Anti-Austerity Protests
More than 20,000 people marched to the Greek parliament building in Athens in the latest protest against austerity measures being imposed on them by the country’s foreign creditors.

Belgium Destroys Tons of Seized Ivory
Belgian officials crushed one-point-seven tons of ivory seized at it’s borders.

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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – March 18, 2014.

The VICE News Capsule is a daily roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Myanmar’s war on opium, the Taliban destroyed Pakistan’s silk industry, the UK pulls out of Afghanistan and serious starvation risk among Syrian refugee children.

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Myanmar Opium Fight Failing
Despite Myanmar’s attempts to eradicate the farming of opium poppies, production is picking up again.

Pakistani Taliban Destroys Silk Industry
The silk industry in northwest Pakistan’s Swat Valley collapsed when the Taliban took control of the area. Five years later, the industry hasn’t bounced back, leaving thousands unemployed.

Britain Pulls Troops Out Of Afghanistan
British troops have pulled out of all but one frontline outpost, marking one of the last steps of its 13-year mission in Afghanistan.

Severe Starvation Risk Among Syrian Children
About 10,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon are suffering from severe malnutrition.

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‘Information Vampires’ Hoping to Charge Press Outlets for Publishing Snowden Leaks

Rather than working to correct the growing surveillance state lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic are dragging their feet and exploring methods to crack down on the press, The Guardian in particular, journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

Officials from the UK intelligence agency GCHQ raided the Guardian newspaper’s London officers back in August in search of hardrives containing data leaked by former CIA employee Edward Snowden. Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger said the officials wanted the Guardian to destroy all the information from Snowden despite the fact the data had already been disseminated to different news organizations around the world.

Rusbringer is set to give evidence to an MP committee investigating counter-terrorism activities on Tuesday. The Guardian’s editor has criticized the UK government for its intimidation tactics and said the US and UK are making work increasingly difficult for journalists.


Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist.

London Attack: Interview with Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

Witness spoke to the two men who have since been arrested over the attack. She told Conal Urqhart her story.

“I was just on my way home after a trip to France. I was visiting my children in Plumstead and I had taken a 53 bus to get to Parliament Square where I was going to meet my children and walk to Victoria coach station before getting the coach to Helston in Cornwall.

“I was sitting on the lower deck and the bus stopped. I could clearly see a body in the road and a crashed car. I trained as a first aider when I was a Brownie leader, so I asked someone to watch my bag and then got off to see if I could help.

“I went over to the body where there was a lady sitting there and she said he was dead. She had comforted him by putting something under his back and a jacket over his head. I took his pulse and there was none. I couldn’t see the man’s face but I could see no evidence that suggested someone had tried to cut off his head. I could see nothing on him to suggest that he was a soldier.

“Then a black guy with a black hat and a revolver in one hand and a cleaver in the other came over. He was very excited and he told me not to get close to the body. I didn’t really feel anything. I was not scared because he was not drunk, he was not on drugs. He was normal. I could speak to him and he wanted to speak and that’s what we did.

“I spoke to him for more than five minutes. I asked him why he had done what he had done. He said he had killed the man because he [the victim] was a British soldier who killed Muslim women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was furious about the British army being over there.

“There was blood on the pavement by the car where the man on the ground had been hit by it. At first there was no blood by the body but as I talked to the man it began to flow which worried me because blood needs a beating heart to flow. But I didn’t want to annoy the man by going back to the body.

“I asked him what he was going to do next because the police were going to arrive soon. He said it was a war and if the police were coming, he was going to kill them. I asked him if that was a reasonable thing to do but it was clear that he really wanted to do that. He talked about war but he did not talk about dying and then he left to speak to someone else.

“I went to speak to the other man who was quieter and more shy. I asked him if he wanted to give me what he was holding in his hand, which was a knife but I didn’t want to say that. He didn’t agree and I asked him: ‘Do you want to carry on?’ He said: ‘No, no, no.’ I didn’t want to upset him and then the other man came back to me. I asked him what he wanted to do next.

“At that point, there were so many people around that I didn’t want him to get scared or agitated. I kept talking to him to keep him occupied.

“Then I saw my bus was moving and I knew that the police would arrive very soon. I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him because my bus was about to leave and he said no.

“I got on the bus and, after 10 seconds, someone came on and told everyone to get down. I saw a police car pulling up and a police man and policewoman getting out. The two black men ran towards the car and the officers shot them in the legs, I think.

“When the shooting started, I was not scared. There weres so many women screaming and crying on the bus, it took me a minute to calm them down. I didn’t have a moment to think of myself.

“I could see the man with the black hat on was badly hurt as he was being operated on but both were still moving.

“The bus then started to move away. They dropped us in the middle of Lewisham which really annoyed me because I had no idea how to get from there to Parliament Square. I am just happy that I managed to do something that might have prevented more trouble. I feel fine at the moment but I suppose the shock could hit me later.”



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Hadouken! – Parasite (Break Remix)

Break’s remix of Hadouken! – Available to buy now:

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Bass Music may be 2012’s dominant sound and the last indigenous UK youth movement, but ‘Parasite’ and its parent album prove that only one British group reflect that aesthetic: Hadouken! Now signed to Ministry of Sound and with that third album due for release in September, Hadouken! are poised for the next step up.

DJ Fresh – The Power (Ft. Dizzee Rascal) (Andy C Remix)

Andy C’s remix of ‘The Power’ by DJ fresh feat Dizzee Rascal – Forthcoming on Ministry of Sound – Available to buy from the 3rd of June — You can pre-order here:

Fresh is the hottest artist in British dance music. With two consecutive No.1 singles (‘Louder’ and ‘Hot Right Now’), over 1 million sales and a sold out UK live tour under his belt, Fresh has grown from rising star to record breaking household name. ‘The Power’, his new single featuring the UK’s premier hip hop star, Dizzee Rascal, was unveiled via a world exclusive by Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, with further support from Mistajam. Dizzee features in the promo video, shot at the recent Winter Music Conference in Miami.

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Hospitality Q+A+E at the British Music Experience September 4th 2009

Pre Hospitality at Matter we put on Hospitality Q+A+E at the British Music Experience to give fans, ravers and budding producers a chance to hear how London Elektricity, High Contrast and Logistics make their tracks. Hosted by BBC Radio 1s Nerm we had 90mins of excellent hints, tips and questions from the audience. Here is a little round up, check it out!

Drum and Bass Step Example at Hospitality Q+A+E at the BME pre Matter 04/09/09

Apparently big in Eastern Europe! An example of drum and bass step from one of the audience members at Hospital’s Q+A+E.
Which took place at the British Musical Experience pre Hospitality @ Matter 4/09/09 – future hospitality events –

Track = Warehouse by Logistics