EU insists will not renegotiate Brexit deal

The European Commission warns that the EU has already offered Britain the “best and only possible” Brexit deal and will not renegotiate it, on the eve of a vote in the British parliament. SOUNDBITE

Brexit uncertainty worries ‘just-in-time’ businesses

The UK parliament is set to vote on whether to accept deal agreed between the British Prime Minister and the EU on how the UK will leave the European Union… but there’s huge uncertainty about what will happens if the deal is rejected. Companies like Natoora, a London fresh fruit and vegetable company which relies on efficient supply chains, are concerned for what a ‘no deal’ Brexit might mean for business.

Londoners discuss the possibility of a second Brexit referendum

Londoners discuss the possibility of a second referendum on Brexit four days before the decisive vote in the British Parliament.

British react to the yellow vest movement in France

Across the Channel, most British people have little interest in France’s “yellow vest” movement. And while some understand their demands, many are surprised by the acts of violence that have taken place on the Champs-Elysées.

David Attenborough urges leaders to ‘act now’ on climate

British filmmaker and naturalist Sir David Attenborough says climate change is the world’s “greatest threat in thousands of years.”

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CCTV shows couple who lost engagement ring in Times Square

CCTV footage released by New York Police shows a British couple searching for their engagement ring in Times Square, after it fell off the woman’s finger and through a grate shortly after the groom-to-be proposed. The police found the ring and thanks to social media, were able to locate the couple and make arrangements to have the ring returned.

UK PM May holds bilateral meeting with Japan’s PM Abe

British Prime Minister Theresa May holds a bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. IMAGES