EU “prepared” for a no-deal Brexit

The European Commission says it is “prepared” in the event of Britain crashing out of the bloc without a divorce accord, as fears of a chaotic “no-deal” Brexit grow. SOUNDBITE of EU Commission spokesperson

Anti-Brexit protesters mass in British capital for rally

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Europeans from across Britain march through London calling for another referendum on EU membership with the country mired in political paralysis over Brexit.

Anti-Brexit protesters gather in Parliament Sq ahead of rally

Hundreds of people gather in Parliament Square in London in anticipation of the arrival of hundreds of thousands of pro-Europeans from across Britain marching through London calling for another referendum on EU membership. The protesters are expected to arrive after making their way from Hyde Park to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. The protest — set to be one of the largest in the capital in decades — comes after EU leaders this week granted a delay to Brexit, prompting Prime Minister Theresa May to make a renewed bid to win MPs’ backing for her divorce deal. IMAGES of people gathering in Parliament Square ahead of the arrival of the protesters making their way from Hyde Park

EU’s Tusk: Anything is possible before April 12 Brexit day

EU Council President Donald Tusk says that until the new April 12 deadline, “anything is possible” on Brexit, including Britain cancelling its withdrawal. SOUNDBITE of Donald Tusk

Today in History for March 22nd

Highlights of this day in history: Britain enacts the Stamp Act on its American colonies; The ‘Garbage Barge’; Skater Tara Lipinski reaches the record books; The Beatles release ‘Please Please Me’; Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber born. (March 22)

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Tusk: ‘Still a lot of space in hell’ for Brexiteers without plan

European Council President Donald Tusk reignites his attack on some Brexiteers, claiming there is ‘a lot of space’ in hell for those who pushed for Britain leaving the EU without a plan. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, adds: ‘Don’t go to hell!’. SOUNDBITE of Tusk and Juncker

Britain and EU agree on short delay to Brexit

European leaders and Prime Minister Theresa May agree on a short delay to Britain’s divorce from the European Union in the hope of ensuring an orderly Brexit.

British PM: ‘High time’ for Brexit decisions

British Prime Minister Theresa May gives her MPs a stern warning over Brexit hours after formally requesting European Union leaders grant a three-month delay to Britain’s departure from the bloc.

Rags-to-riches Skoda mulls post-Brexit sales woes

Once the butt of jokes across Britain, Czech-made Skoda cars have won over Brits but the UK’s looming exit from the EU could deal a heavy blow to the brand and the entire Czech economy.