VICE News Daily: Study Says Sea Level Rise Is Speeding Up

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Thousands of migrants rescued in waters off Malaysia and Indonesia, Nigeria plans to scrap fuel subsidies despite a looming fuel crisis, a Damascus hospital is struggling to care for more than a thousand patients daily, and Australian scientists warn the rate of sea level rise is actually accelerating rather than slowing.

Thailand Trafficking Crackdown Spurs Migrant Arrivals Elsewhere
Smugglers dumped more than a thousand off the coast of Malaysia. Officials warn there could still be thousands hungry, ill, and stranded at sea.

Subsidies and a Brewing Fuel Crisis
The government is strapped for cash and is ditching its initial plan to phase out the fuel subsidies.

Damascus Hospital Struggling to Cope with Patient Load
Around 1,200 come for treatment and medication daily, but a lack of staff and equipment is straining the facility’s ability to continue.

Scientists Say Sea Level Rise Accelerating Worldwide
New research is consistent with projects of the UN-sponsored body on climate change, which estimates waters could rise up to three feet by the year 2100.

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