Etherwood feat Anile x Degs – Bear’s Breeches (New Lanes Sprayout)

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Writing intercepts,
it starts off the dome then I type it in my phone,
flashbacks interject

Creating every day,
I use my words to try and block myself from stress,
although it’s working less.

I was feeling like my soul’s barking,
when I sat and thought about it
every second passed I got no answer,
and still i just work for the comeback
brothers wanna know my pain without asking
don’t wanna come to terms with it
and on the roads you know we don’t get this plaster
gimme the food ‘cos I’m starving,

I’m in my head and I was sparring,
and yeah I know I got people that I love
and I don’t wanna be a martyr,
trying to win a battle on my own
avoiding all of this scarring
heads wanna criticise it’s so jarring
feeling like I’ve lit the flame and i’m charring,

Like any person I’m hurting
but on the microphone I’m just searching
trying to find a wave in sound I want surfing,
new lanes in my life so I’m merging into them,

and I’m merging into zen,
‘cos i’m finally in a place where
accepting the shit’s not a burden
nothing ain’t certain come to the surface

So I went out with that mindset
but the first days were quite hard,
but I’m telling my brain to catch comfort
‘cos life’s full of these paths brother,

I don’t give a fuck about the scars,
VSOP with my dargs, bun at my yard,
stay on a level but never get charged,
feeling benevolent eh

The past is irrelevant,
never succumb to the elements,
and stand firm with your patience
‘cos relationships are quite delicate
and be strong in ambition
cos life’s short we’re just skeletons
through hard times we mark signs of strength,
setting a precedent eh

I’m speaking with evidence,
but the fact is I’m not sure myself
fake confidence and intelligence
and the fact is if you overthink
it’s hampering your development, yeah

Still I got a long time ‘till these problems fade away
Swimming in a strong tide yet my resolve’s here to stay, yeah.

Don’t be afraid of the change,
my ethos is moving through space,
on a shuttle flight

Don’t be afraid of the heights,
we’re climbing to aim for the prize.

New lanes

Still I got a long time ‘till these problems fade away
Swimming in a strong tide yet my resolve’s here to stay, yeah.

– – – – –

Following his popular debut single ‘Poveglia’, recent Hospital signing Degs returns to spread love and spray lyrics with his 8-track ‘Mixtape Sprayout’, featuring track selections from drum & bass heavyweights Nu:Tone, S.P.Y, London Elektricity, Etherwood, RD and Cyber Posix.

With a playful yin-yang of raw untapped soul and fierce lyrical barrages, this array of sprayouts sees Degs’ unique touch bounce through the vibrations of the Hospital sound. Playful hip-hop hooks, silky soulful flows, intricate word play, rapid fire punchlines and deeply personal narratives makes this a worthy sequel to his debut single.

Having kickstarted his momentum at Hospital Records with whirlwind pace, Degs continues to cast a beaming spotlight onto his abilities. Already London Elektricity’s MC of choice, Degs joins us for all our adventures from Hospitality On The Beach in Croatia, all over Europe, the UK and beyond!

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Hospital Podcast 356 with London Elektricity & Etherwood

Etherwood joins London Elektricity in the studio to show off his wonderful ‘In Stillness’ LP which is out now on Med School.

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Owneath – Amber Hood
Logistics – Chant
Alibi & Command Strange – Ahead Of Me VIP
Logistics – Lotus Flower
Etherwood – Bear’s Breeches (feat Anile)
Etherwood – Frozen Grass
Fliwo – What U Say
Rizzle – Teachings
Etherwood – In Stillness
Northern Zone – Foxley
Etherwood – Surrendered
Etherwood – In The Wind

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