The coolest London bars we found in 2017

Some weird bars have opened in London in 2017. These are the quirkiest ones we found.

Ballie Ballerson is an adult ball pit with 1 million UV balls that glow in the dark. It launched as a pop-up but now has a venue in Shoreditch.

The Bletchley is a spy-themed bar where you crack codes to get cocktails. Guests at the bar use WW2 enigma machines to find their drink unique combination. It’s inspired by the Bletchley Park site where British intelligence used to break German codes during WW2.

Alcotraz is a controversial prison-themed cocktail bar where you have to smuggle in your own liquor. You’re “processed” by guards and wear an orange jumpsuit. It’s inspired by the prison in San Francisco.

ABQ is a Breaking Bad-themed bar which is set up in an RV. Guests wear a hazmat suit and “cook” their own drinks, which are served in flasks, syringes, and other props.

The Shochu bar transformed its ceiling into blossoming cherry trees to celebrate Japan’s cherry blossom season. They used hundreds of pink flowers for their decorations.

Skylight at Tobacco Dock is a car park roof turned into a bar which boasts incredible views of the City. This winter season they installed a skating rink – the first on a roof in London.


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