Noisia Radio S02E21

This week in Noisia Radio; brand new Icicle on Shogun and fresh beats from Ivy Lab. In Question time Martijn talks about his worst gig ever! Enjoy 😀

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Icicle – Differentia [SHOGUN]
Shield – Fools [2020]
Agressor Bunx – Hottah [PROGRAM]
Chee. – Fabrigade [RENRAKU]
Mantra – Mindgames [UVB-76]
Pythius – BBT (Current Value Remix) [BLACKOUT]
Ivy Lab – Spooky Dub [2020]
Holly & LOJACK – Visions [SOUNDCLOUD]
Spor – Woodruff Feat. Phace [SOTTO VOCE]
Outlit – Trypto’d [RAUTHENTIC]
Ceph – Solitude [CO-LAB]
Emperor – Jounce [CRITICAL]
Telemeter – Pressure [LISTENER SUB]
het is helaas eenzaam in de ruimte.mp3
Question Time!
Alvin Risk ft. Hodgy Beats – Beastmode (Nightwatch Remix) [FOOL’S GOLD]
Visceral – Phrasing [RENRAKU]
Gridlok – Bottomfeeder [PROJECT 51]
Nekolye – Reclaim [SOUNDCLOUD]