Turkey’s Erdogan arrives in Belgrade for tri-lateral summit | AFP

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic greets his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he arrives alongside the Bosnian Presidency for the tri-lateral summit between Serbian, Bosnian and Turkish leaders in Belgrade. IMAGES

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More than 2,000 attend Sarajevo’s first Gay Pride march | AFP

More than two thousand people turn out in Sarajevo for the city’s first Gay Pride march to protest against discrimination in Bosnia, but were met with a counter protest condemning ‘a great evil’ that had supposedly entered the Bosnian capital.

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Refugees held in cages at Bosnian detention center – report

A three-year-old was spotted among a group of 12 Iraqi refugees locked inside cages at the Bosnian detention center. The two families of seven adults and five children attempted to cross the Bosnian border illegally from Klobuk, Montenegro, but were apprehended and locked inside the detention block, awaiting their deportation, ‘Are You Syrious’ pro-migrant charity organization claims.

The Bosnian border police were heavily criticized after ‘Are You Syrious’ group released footage which showed the conditions in which the migrants were held. However, they denied all claims of mistreating the refugees: “Bosnia-Herzegovina border police deny inhuman treatment of migrants in its facility at the Klobuk border crossing,” the force said in a statement. Nonetheless, more cases of refugee maltreatment at Bosnia’s southern borders are being reported.

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Bosnian ‘Srebrenica defender’ acquitted of war crimes

Former Bosnian military commander Naser Oric, hailed by supporters as the heroic “defender of Srebrenica”, is acquitted of war crimes during the country’s 1990s conflict. The ruling sparked mixed reactions in the country deeply divided along ethnic lines — slammed by ethnic Serbs as an “amnesty for war crimes” and welcomed by Muslims as the “final victory of justice”. IMAGES

‘Enough lies!’: Bosnian village bans politicians

As politicians embark on their final days of campaigning for Bosnian elections on Sunday, there is one small corner of the country where they cannot pass: Podgora, a poor hamlet fed up with the government’s broken promises. “You’ve been lying to us for years. No party is welcome in Podgora,” reads a white banner strung across the main square of the 700-person village, which lies some 30 kilometres (18 miles) from the capital Sarajevo.

In Bosnia, a young man’s death stirs protests

For the past three months people have been gathering daily in the small Bosnian city of Banja Luka to demand “justice and truth” regarding the death of a young Serbian man, David Dragicevic, whose body was found in a stream in March. Police initially said his death was an accident, but David’s family has cried foul, unleashing a wave of protest unseen in Bosnia since 2014.