“Yellow vest” protesters enter Bordeaux railway station

During the 16th Saturday of demonstrations, “yellow vests” protesters temporarily enter Bordeaux railway station before evacuating in a calm atmosphere. IMAGES

Macron leaves Bordeaux after debate with local officials

French President Emmanuel Macron leaves the Hôtel de Nesmond in Bordeaux after taking part in an exchange with local officials as part of the Great National Debate. IMAGES

France’s Macron visits Bordeaux back-to-work centre

On the eve of his debate with elected officials in Bordeaux, French President Emmanuel Macron makes a surprise visit at a professional reinsertion centre in a residential neighbourhood. IMAGES

Banksy-like pro-“yellow vests” stencils appear in Bordeaux

Stencils resembling Banksy’s work appear on Bordeaux streets, including the famous “Girl with Balloon”, show a young girl wearing a yellow vest raising a bloody hand to the sky. It is yet unclear if the pieces were done by the artist Banksy himself.

Macron’s letter is ‘smoke and mirrors,’ say “yellow vests”

For “yellow vest” protesters near Bordeaux, President Emmanuel Macron’s “letter to the French” is nothing but “smoke and mirrors” as he struggles to end the biggest crisis of his presidency.

French police and ‘yellow vest’ protesters clash in Bordeaux

Police forces and ‘yellow vests’ clash in Bordeaux after protesters set up a barricade using plastic barriers and security fences, on a seventh Saturday of anti-government demos that have rocked France and triggered the worst crisis of Macron’s presidency. IMAGES

“Yellow vests” in Bordeaux clash with police

Clashes break out in Bordeaux between “yellow vest” protesters and police, who used water cannon to disperse the demonstrators. This is the fifth consecutive Saturday of nationwide protests, which have so far been largely peaceful. IMAGES

Young wine professionals seek training in Saint-Emilion

Every year an increasing number of young people from outside of France travel to the Bordeaux region to experience the grape harvest and deepen their wine expertise.

Tall-ship gathering for 20th wine festival in Bordeaux

To mark its 20th wine festival, the French southwestern town of Bordeaux welcomes tall ships from around the world, including Hermione, Kruzenshtern, Belem, and Galion, along with a number of racing ships which have just completed the tall ship regatta after sailing from Dublin.