Macron’s letter is ‘smoke and mirrors,’ say “yellow vests”

For “yellow vest” protesters near Bordeaux, President Emmanuel Macron’s “letter to the French” is nothing but “smoke and mirrors” as he struggles to end the biggest crisis of his presidency.

French police and ‘yellow vest’ protesters clash in Bordeaux

Police forces and ‘yellow vests’ clash in Bordeaux after protesters set up a barricade using plastic barriers and security fences, on a seventh Saturday of anti-government demos that have rocked France and triggered the worst crisis of Macron’s presidency. IMAGES

“Yellow vests” in Bordeaux clash with police

Clashes break out in Bordeaux between “yellow vest” protesters and police, who used water cannon to disperse the demonstrators. This is the fifth consecutive Saturday of nationwide protests, which have so far been largely peaceful. IMAGES

Young wine professionals seek training in Saint-Emilion

Every year an increasing number of young people from outside of France travel to the Bordeaux region to experience the grape harvest and deepen their wine expertise.

Tall-ship gathering for 20th wine festival in Bordeaux

To mark its 20th wine festival, the French southwestern town of Bordeaux welcomes tall ships from around the world, including Hermione, Kruzenshtern, Belem, and Galion, along with a number of racing ships which have just completed the tall ship regatta after sailing from Dublin.

Iran in Iraq & Dying on the Vine | VICE on HBO Season 6 Ep. 6 (Trailer)

This week on VICE:
Iran and Iraq fought one of the longest and bloodiest wars of the 20th century, which cost the lives of more than a million people and cemented the two countries’ rivalry in the decades that followed. But after the Islamic State took over wide swaths of Iraq, it was Iran that came to Iraq’s aid. Now, after the defeat of ISIS, VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung travels to Iraq to see how Iran is exerting its growing influence over the war-torn country ahead of parliamentary elections.

Dying on the Vine:
From sinking cities to species extinction, the effects of climate change are expected to be disastrous. These shifting weather patterns will directly impact our food supply. One beloved crop, the grape, is already facing threats due to its extreme sensitivity and these changes threaten the grape’s main byproduct: Wine. In the vineyards of Napa during historic wildfires and the wine laboratories of Bordeaux, Gianna Toboni explores the dangers facing viticulture, and what they mean for agriculture everywhere.

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Seven chateaux and counting: Chinese billionaire big in Bordeaux

Over the past decade Chinese investors have conquered dozens of chateaux in Bordeaux, France’s famed wine-growing region. Some left after seeing their investments wither on the vine, but Peter Kwok, who has no fewer than seven vineyards to his name, says he is here for the long haul.

Bordeaux’s world winefest has WOW! factor

The world’s wine industry converge for the prestigious Vinexpo in Bordeaux, the capital of French viticulture. A new space has been set aside for organic and biodynamic wines, dubbed WOW! — which stands for World Organic Wines.

VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – October 6, 2014

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: tens of thousands rally against IVF and surrogacy in France, Mexican authorities discover mass graves in Guerrero state, Somali troops recapture coastal town from Al Shabaab, and former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier dies of a heart attack aged 63.

Thousands Protest in Two Cities for ‘Traditional Family Values’
Group ‘La Manif Pour Tous’ organized rallies in Paris and Bordeaux against surrogacy and medically assisted conception for gay and lesbian couples.

Mass Graves Found in Guerrero State
DNA tests will determine if the remains belong to some or all of the university students who went missing in the area more than a week ago.

Coastal Town Recaptured From Militants
Soldiers backed by African Union forces seized control of the town, which served as a key supply route for Al Shabaab fighters.

Ex-Dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Dies Aged 63
After 25 years in exile, Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to the country in 2011, where he was accused of human rights crimes during his brutal 15-year rule.

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