Adam Driver Tries on a Bomb Suit in Kuwait (Extra Scene from ‘Arts in the Armed Forces’)

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Marine-turned-actor Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Girls) is the founder of Arts in the Armed Forces (AITAF), a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing thought-provoking and impactful contemporary theater to American military personnel. VICE News followed Driver and his fellow actors (including Joanne Tucker, Natasha Lyonne, Gibson Frazier, Saidah Ekulona and many more) on their first trip to the Middle East, where they struggled to broaden the offerings of on-base entertainment beyond country-western cover bands and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

In this extra scene, Driver meets the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait and finds out what it’s like to get suited up in one of the “bomb suits” used by the US military in 114-degree heat.

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