Venezuelans react to Duque authorizing nationality for their children | AFP

Venezuelans in Bogota react to President Ivan Duque signing an order allowing 24,000 children born in the country to Venezuelan parents and risking statelessness to be given Colombian nationality.

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Big break for Venezuelan migrant singer on streets of Bogota

Venezuelan migrant Alexander Beja performs on the streets of Colombia’s capital. The 22-year-old aspiring singer was discovered by Mario Domm with the Mexican pop group Camila after a chance encounter. He’s now been invited to record a song in Mexico. Beja hopes his story will be a symbol of hope for the more than 1.4 million Venezuelans who have fled their country’s crisis.

Thousands protest in Colombia against killings of activists | AFP

Thousands of Colombians in Bogota hit the streets to protest the killing of hundreds of human rights activists since the signing of a historic peace deal with FARC guerrillas.

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Electric scooters zip into Latin America’s traffic chaos | AFP

Electric scooters have promised to revolutionise transport in congested and polluted Latin American cities; critics say they have only added to the chaos. Electric scooters from carpool companies appeared by the thousands last year on the streets and sidewalks of Bogota and Lima in Sao Paulo and Mexico City.

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Colombia peace body demands release of ex-FARC leader Santrich

The justice of peace in Colombia tweets its demand of immediate release of ex FARC leader Jesus Santrich, detained in a prison in Bogota as of April 2018 and who is wanted by the United States on drug trafficking charges. ANIMATED VIDEO

Cops clash with students upset over govt’s failure to implement reforms in Colombia

Demonstrations at the National University in Bogota turned violent as students clashed with police.

Police reportedly arrested 33 students, who were demonstrating against the failure of the Colombian government to implement education reforms promised last year.



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