News Thing: Nigel Farage’s mustache


Sam Delaney asks if Trump has finally reached peak mental and Nigel Farage premieres his new facial hair while boasting about how he destroyed the BNP. With Scott Capurro, Bob Mills, Natasha Devon, and Nigel Farage.


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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – January 07, 2015

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Female suicide bomber targets Turkish police in Istanbul, police in Bangladesh crack down on opposition figures, life sentence for Hamas member charged in abduction and murder of Israeli teens, and Peruvian experts warn of catastrophic effects of climate change on Machu Picchu.

Suicide Bomb Attack in Istanbul Tourist District
At least one police officer was killed and another injured after a female assailant detonated a vest of explosives in the Sultanahmet neighborhood on Tuesday.

Crackdown on Dissent Amid Days of Violent Protests
The deputy of the main opposition party, BNP, was detained on Tuesday. On Monday, four anti-government protesters were killed and dozens others injured in clashes with security forces and government supporters.

Hamas Member Jailed for Life for Teenage Killings
Forty-year-old Hussam Qawasmeh must also pay $63,000 in compensation to the victims’ families.

Experts Warn of Effects of Climate Change on Machu Picchu
Landslides caused by heavy rains and flooding, as well as forest fires brought on by drought conditions, could devastate the infrastructure of the Incan ruins.

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