This 8-Pound Sandwich Is Made With Five Kinds Of Meat And Costs $375

This 8-pound sandwich costs $375! It’s made with five kinds of meat and smothered in cheese fondue.

Benjamin Steakhouse Prime offers the sandwich on the bar menu. It’s called “The BMT Meat Stack.”“BMT” stands for BACON. MEAT. TOMATO. 

Jesus Nunez, Chef: We played with the idea of the BLT. Bacon, lettuce, tomato — and we say, ‘Okay, screw the lettuce, and let’s do the BMT — bacon, MEAT, and tomato.

Here’s what makes it so expensive…

The sandwich includes every cut of beef from the steakhouse in a single bite.

First up, a one-pound burger patty.

Then one pound of bacon. Caramelized onions to make the sandwich extra juicy. One pound of filet mignon.

Two pounds of rib eye. Sun-dried heirloom tomatoes. Two pounds of New York strip. It’s all drenched in melty cheese. And sandwiched between rosemary focaccia bread.

Jesus Nunez, Chef: We want to represent our brand with our product, our quality, and all of the cuts that you can find in the broiler in a plate. We decide to use them and put them into sandwich form.

Aly Weisman: This sandwich is for when you’re really ‘hangry’ and you need something to bring you back to being a nice person again.

Jesus Nunez, Chef: It’s a perfect sandwich to serve.    Four, five, six people eating this sandwich is like having a barbeque in winter.  

Aly Weisman: I don’t even know how to attempt this. There’s no way that this is a one-biter. This is like an 18-biter. 

The sandwich must be ordered 72 hours in advance.

But it’s worth planning ahead!

Aly Weisman: I’m full, I surrender!


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