Noisia Radio S02E27

This week we’re excited to announce our album “Outer Edges”, and play you our new single Collider! Besides this we have the usual recipe: exclusive new music, beats and dnb.

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Noisia – Collider [VISION]
Proxima – Here We Go [TRENDKILL]
Sinic – Heat [FLEXOUT]
Dub Head – Black Hole [DISPATCH]
War – Invisible [METHLAB]
Bleep Bloop – Water On Mars [DUB]
Calculon & Shamanga & Austin Speed – Fierce (Skeptical Remix) [DUB]
Tsuruda – Slippin [SOUNDCLOUD]
Hidden Turn – Passing (Ft. Seo) [THIRTYONE]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Clamber [VISION]
Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer (Blocks & Escher Remix) [METALHEADZ]
Kung Ft. Hijak – Stuttered [LISTENER SUBMISSON]
Aphex Twin – Window Licker [WARP]
Shield & 2Stars – Pink Soap [CART]
Razat – d:Block [SOUNDCLOUD]
Vue – Watching me [DUB]
Kaelin ellis – Justify [ULTRA SLUMP]
Question Time!
Dj Shadow – Bergschrund Ft. Nils Frahm [MASS APPEAL]
Think Twice – Kine [BANDCAMP]

Noisia Radio S02E15

Noisia radio this week: many exclusives, a new premier from the new various artists EP on Division, and Pharaoh from The Upbeats and Ivy Lab. We also play a request by Hunterday from Texas. Yeehaw!

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Bleep Bloop ft. BRSMSN – Recombine [DIVISION]
The Upbeats & Ivy Lab – Pharaoh [VISION]
DLR – Question That [PLASMA]
Holly x Quix x Montell2099 x Villette X Elevate – How I Do [SOUNDCLOUD]
Proxima – On The Outside [NEODIGITAL]
Dub Head – Rustle Morning Stars [DISPATCH]
Mo Vibez – Claps [BANDCAMP]
TC feat. Jakes – Rep [REX]
Signal & Phentix – Onset [CRITICAL]
Neonlight – Tailspin [BLACKOUT]
Proxy – Battlepack [GAME MUSIC CS:GO]
Calyx & Teebee Ft. Ayah Marar – The Fall [RAM]
it escaped.mp3
Question Time!
Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix) [MAU5TRAP]
Noer The Boy – Room 8 [LIQUID AMBER]
Rawtekk – Restless [MED SCHOOL]
Optical – Slip Thru [VIRUS]
Disprove – In The Lab (Anders Eisenberg Remix) [AMMUNITION]