Big Freedia Is Not Mad At Beyoncé Or Drake (HBO)

You might have heard his voice in Beyonce’s “Formation” video, or Drake’s, “Nice For What.”

Meet Big Freedia: a musician known as the “Queen of Bounce,” a genre of hip hop with New Orleans roots.

We surrounded Big Freedia with his ultimate vices–purses, massage therapy, and ice– in exchange for some honest answers about his life, in “The VICE Interview.”

First- we loosened him up with his vices.

And of course, we won Big Freedia’s heart by combining his love of ice chips with his appreciate for a nicely-formed derriere, and got him an ice butt sculpture.

“Now this is an ass I’ll eat,” said Big Freedia. “I’m addicted to ice, I like certain types of ice: like the little small pellets, or I like the really flaky ice.”

Afterwards, Big Freedia shared some personal stories (a goblet of ice chips in hand, of course).

On life as Freddie vs Big Freedia: “A lot of people think that I am trans but I’m not trans,” said Big Freedia. “I am a gay male with hair and nails. So if you say ‘he’ or ‘she’ it doesn’t matter. I know who you I am.”

He also addressed what it was like to be heard but not seen in Beyonce and Drake’s music videos.

“So a lot of people think that they didn’t want me in it visually, but our schedules didn’t line up,” said Big Freedia.” And it’s OK for me like, my voice being in it is a start. And that’s important for me and for the LGBTQ community. For me, as long as the check clear, I’m fine.”

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