Benin welcomes call for France to return treasures

African museum directors welcome an expert report calling on France to allow the return of thousands of African treasures and artworks, a radical policy shift that could put pressure on other former colonial powers. Calls have been growing in Africa for restitution, but French law strictly forbids the government from ceding state property, even in well-documented cases of pillaging.

Africa Weekly – a round up of news and features from Africa

This week on Africa Weekly we take you to Madagascar to learn about Fanorona, a strategy game similar to chess, which has been played in the country since the 14th century. And we travel to Benin, where the fencing league is hoping to encourage more young people to take up the sport.FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

‘Trash is gold’ as Benin community turns waste into biogas

Garbage has never smelled so sweet for a small village in southern Benin since it opened a pilot waste treatment centre to turn household rubbish into gas — and cash.

Once upon a time… preserving folk tales in Benin

In Benin, the association Memory of Africa brings to life the wonders of fairy tales in an effort to bring back traditional story-telling in public places throughout the country.

Benin pays tribute to the late king of Abomey

In Benin, 300,000 people pay tribute to Dadah Dédjalagni Agoli-Agbo, king of Abomey who died in July. According to tradition, celebrations must last at least six months, but after this weekend, they will take place in the privacy of the royal palace’s courtyard.

Africa Weekly – a round up of news and features from Africa

This week on Africa Weekly, we travel to Mozambique where schools are increasingly teaching in the local Changana dialect in addition to the country’s official language, Portuguese. And we take you to Benin where the niche sport of fencing has taken a foothold — with the national federation setting its sights on Olympic qualification.FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

Anti-government protesters dispersed in Benin

Police on Friday broke up an anti-government demonstration by Benin’s political opposition involving thousands of people. IMAGES

Unprecedented ‘fake medicines’ trial opens in Benin

The trial of nine people gets underway in Benin on landmark charges of selling fake drugs, a major step in a regional campaign against illicit medicines. IMAGES

Benin’s Pendjari National Park comes back to life

In the north of Benin, elephants, lions and antelopes roam in peace across the savannah of the Pendjari National Park. The park — on the border with Burkina Faso and Niger — is the biggest in West Africa and it’s spearheading a new drive to boost tourism in Benin. A voiced AFPTV report.

Africa Weekly – a round up of news and features from Africa

This week on Africa Weekly, we travel to Zimbabwe where the ghosts of past massacres are surfacing for the country’s new president, we go to Benin to meet the rangers specially trained to protect West Africa’s biggest national park from poachers, and we meet Octopizzo, the hip-hop star using his success to break down stigma around the slum he grew up in. FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY