The Rise And Fall Of The Volkswagen Beetle

In its 81-year run, the Beetle sold over 23 million units. In 2019 the final Beetle rolled off the line in Puebla, Mexico. After eight decades, has the Volkswagen Beetle finally hit the end of the road?
Scott Keogh, Volkswagen America CEO, says “never say never.”

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The Rise And Fall Of The Volkswagen Beetle

Final VW ‘Beetle’ model rolls off Mexican production line | AFP

German auto giant Volkswagen launchs the final edition of its iconic “Beetle” car from its Mexican factory in Puebla. The bug-shaped metallic blue sedan rolls off the production line in central Mexico to rapturous applause, the last of a model first manufactured in the late 1930s. IMAGES

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AP Top Stories July 9 P

Here are the top stories for Tuesday July 9th: Four bodies found in and around a home in Ohio, H. Ross Perot dies at 89, Britain’s Labour Party calls on next Prime Minister to hold new Brexit referendum, Volkswagen to stop producing icon Beetle.

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