Researchers say ancient Philistine town located in Israel | AFP

Researchers in Israel say they have pinpointed the site of an ancient Philistine town mentioned in the biblical tale of David seeking refuge from the Israelite king Saul. Ziklag was a town under the rule of a Philistine king in nearby Gath after the ancient “sea peoples” began arriving in the region in the 12th century BC, the researchers say.

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Ancient Gallic treasure found in a French field up for auction

Jewellery and arms dating back to the 6th century BC, discovered in a farmer’s field in France’s Tavers (Loiret), are up for auction. The discovered items are considered “national treasures” by the Culture Ministry.

Science to preserve Tutankhamun’s tomb

Tourists visit the tomb of the 18th dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhamun (1332–1323 BC) at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor after an archeological mission finished conservation work to preserve the tomb, which according to conservation experts and Egypt’s antiquities minister has been affected due to change of the atmosphere by too many people visiting the site.

Salt of the Alps: ancient Austrian mine holds Bronze Age secrets

All mines need regular reinforcement against collapse, and Hallstatt, the world’s oldest salt mine perched in the Austrian Alps, is no exception. But Hallstatt isn’t like other mines. Exploited for 7,000 years, the mine has yielded not only a steady supply of salt but also archaeological discoveries attesting to the existence of a rich civilisation dating back to the early part of the first millennium BC.

Noisia Radio S02E38

A very special album episode this week, featuring the physical release of our ‘Outer Edges’ album, combined with your weekly dose of beats and bass.

Our album is now available on vinyl, CD and as a bundle at

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Noisia Radio S02E31 (Icicle Guest Mix)

An icicle guest mix, brand new music from The Upbeats, Noisia, and Nickbee. Combined with a selection of beats and questions answered. Noisia Radio in effect.

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The Upbeats – Joyrider [VISION]
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Canon Danzer – Wump Wump [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
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1. Arca – Beacon – [Mute]
2. Proxima – Cross Lines – [Dub]
3. Shamanga – Fierce (Skeptical remix) [Shoot]
4. Icicle – See / Take – [Dub]
5. Leaf – Monsoon – [Serial Killaz]
6. Phantom Audio – Remote Contro [Timeless]
7. Dub Phizix – Dun Dem – [Free Download]
8. Icicle – Problem ft. Skittles [Shogun Audio]
9. Was A Be & Synthethics – 4 To The Floor [Shogun]
10. Proxima – Grover – [Dub]
11. Shield – Cut Deep (ft. Black Daniels) [Dub]
12. Subtension – Overground – [Plasma]
13. Icicle – Differentia – [Shogun]
14. Signal & Disprove – Fearless [Critical]
15. Icicle – Untitled [Dub]
16. Rene Lavice & Current Value – Calm The Fuck Down [Ram]
17. Icicle – Ego [Shogun Audio]
18. Agressor Bunx – Colony [Program]
19. Proxima – Clear Freq – [Dub]
20. Posij – Runner – [Hospital]
21. Stakka & Skynet – Decoy – [Under Fire]
22. Icicle & Proxima – Untitled – [Dub]
23. Spor & Icicle – Mind of an Insomiac ft. Linguistics’ [Sotto Voce]
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Bad Company – Excession [BC]
Gonner – Not So Fast [SOUNDCLOUD]

Noisia Radio S02E02

We’re proud to premier our collab with Ivy Lab today, and we’ve got a great follow-up as well: brand new music from Calyx & Teebee!

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Noisia & Ivy Lab- Possession [DIVISION]
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Qbig & Zenith B – Heptine [FLEXOUT]
Agressor Bunx – Rhodium [EATBRAIN]
Mako (Feat. Villem) – String Section [METALHEADZ PLATINUM]
A-Cray – Untitled Hybrid Tune [AUTHENTIC]
Audeka – Drizzt’s Nightclub [CALIBUR]
Tsuruda – Tierra Prima [DIRT FIRST]
Dub Elements – Grand [VIPER]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Blindfold [NON VOGUE]
Amon Tobin – Ruthless [NINJA TUNE]
Signal & Abstract Elements – Cymepek [CYBERFUNK]
Fracture & Deft – I Just [EXIT]
Bad Company – Dead Side [BC]
Kaelin Ellis – 10K Strangerss [SOUNDCLOUD]
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Nathan Fake – Black Drift [CAMBRIA INSTRUMENTS]

Noisia Radio S01E17

Another week, another schizophrenic selection. Lots of music we’re excited about! More new Misanthrop on RAM, Xtrah on Invisible and plenty of other stuff.

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Misanthrop – Collapse [RAM]
Xtrah – Cybernetics [INVISIBLE]
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Ipman – Regicide [GLASS AIR]
Barbarix – Night Creeper [TRENDKILL]
Tipper – Distal [TIPPER MUSIC]
Stealth – Desert Storm [PROGRAM]
Skynet – One Speed [INVISIBLE]
Phace & Noisia – Stagger [NEOSIGNAL]
Konichi – Cut Some Time [PLAYAZ]
DBR UK – Hexton (ft. Skeptical) [DISPATCH]
Woolymammoth – 4Juice [BUYGORE]
Power Glove – Sloan’s Assault [UBISOFT]
Konflict – Beckoning [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
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Bad Company – The Flood [BC RECORDINGS]