WarnerMedia Exec On The Future Of Marketing

WarnerMedia marketing exec Molly Battin explains how the company has shifted its strategy to keep up with changes in technology and audience behavior, from her experience as its chief corporate marketing and brand strategy officer.

Battin says TV marketing efforts used to focus on big launch campaigns and then they would walk away. But she says that doesn’t work with the way the audience consumes content these days. Now, WarnerMedia has moved its marketing dollars to sustaining and building audiences from one episode to the next.

Battin says WarnerMedia relies heavily on data to target their ads and to ensure that the money it spends converts into viewers or whatever their advertising partners want.

When asked about the future of the industry, she warns that people should be careful not to go too far with the data that they lose the art and creativity.

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WarnerMedia Exec On The Future Of Marketing