Wet and wild: Thailand’s Songkran festival makes big splash

It’s party time in Thailand as locals and tourists embrace the three-day new year celebration known as Songkran. Many revellers arm themselves with water pistols and protective goggles for wild water fights that bring Bangkok’s streets to a standstill.

Thais pray to famed shrine to not be drafted in annual conscript

In military-run Thailand, an estimated 100,000 young men are enlisted into the army as part of the country’s massive annual draft. But at one Bangkok temple, people give prayers and offerings in the hope of avoiding conscription.

‘Superman’ encourages people to vote in Thai general election

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s ‘Superman’… running through Bangkok’s heavy traffic with a Thai flag and banner, urging people to vote in Sunday’s general election, the country’s first since 2011.

Thais look forward to their first elections in 8 years

In the streets of Bangkok, Thais are getting ready to cast their votes in the country’s first election in eight years.

Thousands stranded in Thailand after Pakistan closes airspace

Thousands of travellers were stranded in Bangkok on Thursday when Thai Airways cancelled all flights over Pakistan after Islamabad closed its airspace in response to soaring tensions with India.

Tourists stranded as Thai Airways cancels flights over Pakistan

Thousands of holidaymakers are stranded in Bangkok after Thai Airways cancelled all flights over Pakistan after Islamabad suddenly closed its airspace in response to soaring tensions with India. IMAGES of people at Suvarnabhumi airport

‘Don’t send me to Bahrain’: refugee footballer pleads in Bangkok

A refugee footballer fighting an extradition request pleads for his freedom, saying “please don’t send me to Bahrain” as he arrives in shackles at a Bangkok court, which extended his detention by another two months.

Footballer Hakeem al Araibi arrives at Thailand court

Hakeem al-Araibi, a Bahraini refugee footballer and Australian resident arrives at court in Bangkok, Thailand. He was detained by Thai immigration authorities in late November on an extradition request from Bahrain after arriving in Bangkok for a vacation with his wife. IMAGES

Hundreds of schools to shut as toxic smog chokes Bangkok

Toxic smog forces hundreds of Bangkok schools to close, as authorities struggle to manage a pollution crisis that has stirred widespread health fears and taken on a political edge just weeks before the country holds elections.