Merikan – All Crime Is Legal ft. Cruk [Close 2 Death Recordings]


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Hold on to your hats……2016 is finally here, and with it comes the highly anticipated EP from Merikan.

Since the release of “The Merge” with established neurofunk talent Cruk, the drum and bass part of the internet has seen lots of talk and sound clips of a Merikan EP that holds that a “The Purge” themed first track called “All Crime is Legal”. That news of the album and that track have been pieces of the World Wide Web since the middle of the 2013 and now, fans are finally receiving the news they deserve from the Italian stallion and drum and bass head honchos Close2Death. “The Banality of Evil” delivers again and again to the die-hards and contains tunes surely to be talked about as “among the year’s best” within the next eleven and a half months of international neurofunk shows and releases.

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