King of Spain visits Iraq, first in 40 years

King Felipe VI of Spain arrives at the presidential palace in Baghdad to meet Iraqi President Barham Saleh. This constitutes the first visit there by a Spanish monarch in four decades, a diplomat told AFP. 1ST IMAGES

Russian IS fighters’ children return home from Iraq

Thirty Russian children whose mothers are in prison in Iraq for belonging to the Islamic State arrive in Moscow from Baghdad. The fathers of the children, aged three to ten years old, are believed to have been killed in combat during Iraq’s three-year war against the jihadists.

Iraqi forces hold military parade one year after IS defeat

Units from the elite Emergency Response Division (ERD) carry out a military exercise at a base in western Baghdad to mark the first anniversary of their victory against the Islamic State group.

To reclaim Baghdad, Iraqi artists grapple with its ghosts

Young Iraqi artists expose their work in public spaces in an effort to address social dilemmas and reclaim Baghdad’s identity after more than a decade of violence.

Wealth gaps affecting schoolchildren in Iraq: UN

UNICEF distributes images showing Iraqi shoolchildren and damaged classrooms after it released a study warning that economic inequality is massively affecting whether students in war-ravaged Iraq finish school and urging the fledgling government in Baghdad to spend more on education.

Voters cast ballots to elect new parliament in Iraqi Kurdistan

Voters casts their ballots across Iraqi Kurdistan to elect a new parliament in the autonomous region, mired in an economic crisis a year after an independence referendum that infuriated Baghdad.

Voting begins to elect new parliament in Iraq’s Kurdistan

Voting begins across Iraq’s Kurdistan for a new parliament in the autonomous region which is mired in an economic crisis a year after an independence referendum that infuriated Baghdad. IMAGES

Would-be Iraqi builder puts together car inspired by Chaplin

A young would-be Iraqi builder parades around the city of Samarra, 100 kilometres north of Baghdad, to show off his car inspired by the legendary silent actor Charlie Chaplin, drawing curious crowds. Abderrahman scraped together the fiery red vehicle, modelled after the Caterham 7, a super-lightweight sports car, despite “a lack of tools and support.” He says he was inspired by an extract of the Chaplin film ‘A Day’s Pleasure’ on YouTube, in which Chaplin appears to be driving a similar vehicle.