Austrian lake offers climate haven for Dutch ice skaters

For over two decades climate change has prevented a hallowed fixture in the Dutch ice skating calendar. But devotees of this national obsession have found refuge in the Austrian Alps — all thanks to James Bond.

Austrian Chancellor welcomes Republic of Northern Macedonia PM

Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz welcomes the Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia in Vienna. Zaev’s trip comes just days after Greek lawmakers voted to approve a deal that entails the renaming of the country to “Northern Macedonia”, settling a decades-old dispute. IMAGES of the handshake between Zoran Zaev and Sebastian Kurz

Austrian Chancellor receives Lybian Prime Minister in Vienna

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz receives Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj in Vienna. IMAGES of Kurz and al-Sarraj shaking hands and talking in reception room

Austrian employers make eyes at refugees

With a hard line on immigration, Austria sees its employers using their charms to recruit refugees, while labour shortages threaten a thriving economy. This job exchange is “a huge potential for companies that are looking for apprentices and cannot find any”, explains Johannes Kopf, Head of the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS).

Austrian army helps after an avalanche damages a hotel

The Austrian army helps after an avalanche in Ramsau am Dachstein shattered a hotel’s windows and overturned vehicles in a car park. Nobody was injured in the avalanche. IMAGES

Egyptian president starts official visit in Austria

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz greets Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Vienna at the start of an official visit. IMAGES of the handshake

Demonstration in Vienna against the Austrian government

People protest in the streets of Vienna against the right-wing coalition. IMAGES

‘Joy’ snags Etoile d’Or at Morocco’s Marrakesh film festival

Austrian filmmaker Sudabeh Mortezai’s “Joy”, an unflinching look at migrant sex workers in Europe, wins top prize at the Marrakesh film festival in Morocco.

EU members united behind draft Brexit deal (Blumel)

Gernot Blumel, Austrian Federal Minister for the EU, Arts, Culture, and Media says the EU27 are united behind the draft Brexit deal. Ministers from the 27 non-British EU members agreed not to reopen talks on the draft Brexit divorce deal ahead of its signing this weekend. SOUNDBITE