Apple Is Bringing Augmented Reality To Your iPhone (HBO)

For years we’ve heard about the promise of Virtual Reality, but 2017 might be the year where Augmented reality or AR becomes an actual thing in our lives.

Two months ago Apple announced a beta platform for software developers called AR Kit. Since then the internet has become rife with splashy demos, everything from a practical tape measure built into your phone’s camera, to a real life version of Ah Ha’s music video “Take on Me”.

Many of the AR apps developed with AR Kit will arrive this fall when Apple releases IOS11. “We’re able to bring it to literally hundreds of millions of people with a software update with existing iPhones and iPads. It puts us in an incredibly unique position.” said Greg Joswiak Apple’s head of product marketing. Basically if you have an Iphone or Ipad, which a lot of people do as soon as you update in September, you’ll become an augmented reality user.

This will give developers something previously unheard of in the AR space. Access to 100s of Millions of customers who already carry an AR device, in the form of their Iphone or Ipad.

Last week Google announced a competing platform, ARCore, but at it’s launch it will only work with 3 Android phone models.

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