Tens of thousands protest Macedonian accord in Athens

Scuffles breaks out in central Athens as tens of thousands of people protested a planned name change for neighbouring Macedonia that parliament is due to ratify this week.

Athens in smoke following protest against Macedonia name deal

Hardly visible through the smoke, Athens’ streets are littered by bottles and other bits of debris following a protest that turned violent against a planned name change for neighbouring Macedonia that parliament is due to ratify. IMAGES of the streets

In Athens, protests against Macedonia name change turn violent

Protests in Athens against a deal brokered with neighbouring Macedonia to end a 27-year name dispute turn violent as protesters clash with police. IMAGES of violent clashes

Protesters rally against Greece name change deal with Macedonia

Protesters are out in force on the streets of Athens to demonstrate against the country’s name change deal with Macedonia. Macedonian lawmakers last week approved a constitutional revision to rename their country the Republic of North Macedonia, but the agreement will only come into effect with the backing of the Greek parliament. FIRST IMAGES

Merkel attends ceremony at Tomb of Unknown Solider in Athens

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a ceremony to honour victims of war at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during her visit to Athens. IMAGES

Merkel visits Athens to promote post-austerity ties

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives in Greece as she looks to turn the page on the biting austerity measures that sparked major protests during her last official visit to Athens in 2014. IMAGES

Aftermath of US embassy red paint attack in Athens

The US embassy in Athens is covered in red paint after being vandalised by two Greek anarchists, police reports say. The attack caused minor material damage but no injuries. IMAGES