Noisia Radio S02E11

This week we help you cure your hangover, play a new Mefjus remix and try to keep it serious with occasional spurts of being not so serious.

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Audio – Ultron (Mefjus Remix) [RAM]
Graves & ASKA – There Are No Penguins In Alaska [SOUNDCLOUD]
Noisia – Stamp Out [VISION]
Signal & Disprove – Vanguard [CRITICAL]
Medasin – Motion [SOUNDCLOUD]
Bop – Spiral (Abstract Elements Remix) [MED SCHOOL]
Deft – Ivory Tusk [20/20]
Posij – Hunger [MTA]
Signs – Diesel [DIVISION]
Friction Vs Fourward – Battle Scars ft. Jakes (Alix Perez Remix) [SHOGUN]
The Deli – ???Bumps3 [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ceph – Pirelli’s Elixer [DUB]
Commix – Talk To Frank (Break Remix) [METALHEADZ]
noivya under the sea riddim.mp3
Question Time!
Owneath – Big Data Rising [DEMAND]
Linafornia – Wussup feat. Jack Bastian (Dome Of Doom) [SOUNDCLOUD]
Unquote – Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven (Sunchase Remix) [MED SCHOOL]
Vincent Paolo – Mustang [BANDCAMP]

Noisia Radio S02E06

We have a guest mix by Ivy Lab to celebrate the release of the first Division various artists EP and this weeks exclusive is a heavy new tune from Prolix.

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Ivy Lab Guest Mix
Icarus – Ride This Train (Ivy Lab’s 20/20 Remix) [WARNER]
Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – Stop It [CRITICAL]
Graves & ASKA – There Are No Penguins In Alaska [SOUNDCLOUD]
Untitled – Untitled
Untitled – Untitled
Danny Scrilla – Obeah VIP
Stray – Eazy Boy VIP [EXIT]
Noisia & Ivy Lab – Possession [DIVISION]
untitled – untitled [DUB]
Krust – Cloaking Device (Fracture Remix)
untitled – untitled [DUB]
Levrige – Stutter [DUB]
Rascal – 555 [DUB]

Prolix – Nature of Reality [SHOGUN]
Noisia & Phace – program (AWE Bootleg) [SOUNDCLOUD]
Bl4ck 0wlz – Fake [INVISIBLE]
Whynnel – Yozora [SOUNDCLOUD]
Signs – Ketama [DNB FRANCE]
Tsuruda – Tuffshit [SOUNDCLOUD]
C4C & Fierce – Carrier [QUARANTINE]
Question Time
Noisia & Spor – Falling Through [VISION]
I Am Legion – Intro [DIVISION]
Nymfo – Marching Machines [DISPATCH]
Brokenchord – Orion [BLACK ACRE]