Xi Jinping arrives at Quirinal Palace in Rome

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives at the Quirinal Palace in Rome meeting his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella. It kicks off a whistlestop European tour amid growing Western unease over Italy joining the ever-expanding Asian giant’s new Silk Road project. IMAGES of Xi Jinping arriving at the Quirinal Palace.

Cuba taps into high-end luxury tourist market

Havana’s first ever five-star hotel, the Gran Manzana, seduces wealthy Asian and European tourists, who, from the rooftop swimming pool, get a view over the picturesque capital.

US, Asian military forces hold annual ‘Cobra Gold’ exercise

The US and Thailand hold the annual joint ‘Cobra Gold’, the largest US-led military exercises in Asia involving gruelling drills in the Thai jungle, war games, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise. This year’s 11-day exercise is the 38th edition which sees 4500 U.S. personnel participate directly in the exercise.

Soviet-Afghanistan veterans march in Moscow for 30th anniversary

Russian veterans march in Moscow to mark the 30th anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. A ceremony is held in honour of the soldiers who fought in the Asian country. IMAGES of the march in Moscow

What It’s Like To Apply To Ivy Leagues Under The Cloud Of The Harvard Admissions Lawsuit (HBO)

Three of the highest performing seniors at Glen Ridge High School in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, are involved in so many extracurriculars, they all lost count when asked to recite them. They’re ranked among the top 10 in a grade that’s placed over a third of its students in the National Honor Society.

Despite the students’ impressive qualifications, they began to worry about their applications to elite colleges. An ongoing lawsuit challenging the consideration of race in admissions could harm the use of affirmative action in education. And the seniors — Ryan Henry, Ethan Che, and Cadmus Cai — are all non-white.

The litigation, brought by a group called Students for Fair Admissions, argues that Harvard University has negatively stereotyped Asian applicants and held them to higher test standards and tougher personality assessments. The constitutionality and value of affirmative action has repeatedly held up in the courts, but if the lawsuit reaches the now conservative-majority Supreme Court, the decision could alter the way all colleges consider diversity in admissions.

VICE News documented the experiences of the three students as they grappled with the lawsuit’s potential effects and the stress of early action application deadlines.

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Christmas tree feast for animals at Berlin zoo

Like every year, the caretakers of one of Berlin’s zoos give unsold Christmas trees to Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants and Barbary macaques : a feast for some and an unexpected distraction for the others.

S.African divers risk all in illegal search for abalone

Local fisherman risk their lives to illegally harvest abalone, a valuable seafood found along South Africa’s coastline, to sell to Asian crime syndicates.

UK holds first-ever joint army drills in Japan

Japanese and UK armies hold the first-ever joint drill in the Asian country as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looks to widen military cooperation with allies.

‘There was magic in the air’ on ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ set

(8 Aug 2018) “Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. Chu says the all-Asian set made cast emotional, while stars Constance Wu, Gemma Chan and Henry Golding talk about the film being a stepping stone for Asian representation. (Aug. 8)

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