Indigenous Argentine group takes on oil giants

A major group of indigenous people living in Argentine Patagonia are taking some of the world’s biggest oil and gas multinationals to court for “environmental contamination”.

Argentine president’s brother in court for bribery scandal

Gianfranco Macri, brother of Argentine president Mauricio Macri attends the citation from judge Claudio Bonadio, who is investigating a bribery scandal. Franco Macri, father of the chief of State didn’t attend due to health problems. IMAGES

Germany’s Merkel makes late appearance at G20

German Chancellor Angela Merkel makes a late appearance at the Buenos Aires G20, where she greets Argentine President Mauricio Macri at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. IMAGES

UK PM May greets Argentine President at G20 welcome ceremony

UK Prime Minister Theresa May greets Argentine President Mauricio Macri at the start of a landmark visit to Argentina for the G20 summit where her hosts are using Brexit to advance their claim on Britain’s Falkland Islands. IMAGES

China Built A Space Base In Argentina To Explore The Dark Side Of The Moon (HBO)

LAS LAJAS, Neuquen Province, Argentina — In the middle of the Patagonian desert, more than 40 miles from the nearest town, the Chinese have invested $50 billion in a space base they say will be used to send a rocket to the dark side of the moon.

On the base, an enormous white satellite slowly rotates next to living quarters for the Chinese scientists that man the facility, surrounded by fencing topped with barbed wire. Without an invitation, the curious can’t get closer than the gates, about a hundred yards away from the structure.

But the base also serves China’s more earth-bound ambitions, as well: To expand its reach into regions that other world powers — including the United States — have taken for granted.

“China has a general geopolitical strategy, namely the Belt and Road Initiative. This is basically an international geopolitical strategy focused on reaching trade regions, with better opportunities, as well as logistics infrastructure for positioning and importing goods they need as commodities, such as steel and copper. Everything China needs|to have a sustained growth level as well as consumption goods, such as food and soy.,” Pablo Ava, a public policy researcher with the Argentinian Council for International Relations, said in an interview.

The base is just a portion of the tens of billions China has invested in Argentina over the past decade, as part of a broader push to gain a foothold in Latin America. During the recession, at a time when other nations avoided the corruption-plagued country and Argentina was hitting the deadline to pay back billions in government debt, China swooped in with a loan that helped stabilize the Peso. China has since invested in Argentinian infrastructure and energy projects, and increased its trade with the country.

But China also took advantage of Argentina’s economic struggles to negotiate favorable terms on many of those deals. The base came at a steal: China gets access to 494 acres of land, rent and tax-free, for 50 years. The Argentine government gets access to the base just 10 percent of the time.

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Trump: Trade, military deals in Argentina talks

(30 Nov 2018) President Trump said trade and military purchases would be on the table when he met with Argentine President Mauricio Macri at the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires on Friday. (Nov. 30)

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Real Madrid to host all-Argentine Copa Libertadores final

South American football’s governing body CONMEBOL confirms that the twice-postponed Copa Libertadores final second leg between Argentine rivals River Plate and Boca Juniors will be played on December 9 at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Hundreds in Argentina protest on eve of G20 summit

Hundreds of people from social and political organizations mobilize in front of the Argentine congress in Buenos Aires against the G20, saying the summit “is not welcome.”

G20: Argentine president greets the Macrons

Argentine president Mauricio Macri and his wife Juliana welcome French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte at Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, ahead of Friday’s G20 summit. IMAGES