Air forces & troops: Large-scale NATO drills conducted in Romania

Over 600 infantry men and other troops took part in drills at the ‘Getica’ Army Training Centre in Cincu, in Brasov County, on Friday. The military training were conducted by the 81st Mechanised Brigade ‘General Grigore Balan’ from Bistrita, with support from the Romanian Air Force and US 85th CIMIC Brigade. Romanian MiG-21 LanceR jet fighters, a Lockheed Martin Hercules C-130 transport plane, a platoon of paratroopers, two IAR 330 Puma SOCAT anti-tank helicopters, APCs and GEPARD anti-aircraft systems participated in the war games.



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Grooming Children for Jihad: The Islamic State (Part 2)

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In Part 2 of VICE News’ exclusive look at the emergence of the Islamic State, filmmaker Medyan Dairieh meets an Islamic State member from Belgium who works to indoctrinate some of the youngest members of the group. He also gains further insight into the minds of Islamic State fighters as they host celebrations and military parades featuring American tanks and APCs seized from the Iraqi army.

The Islamic State, a hardline Sunni jihadist group which formerly had ties to al Qaeda, is now in control of a large swath of territory in Iraq and Syria. The group, which adheres to the strictest form of Sharia law, is determined to establish a caliphate that stretches across the Middle East and into the rest of the Muslim world.
As the Islamic State continues its violent expansion in Syria and Iraq, it is also working to win the hearts and minds of new recruits and potential new members in areas it controls.

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