VICE News Daily: Virus Threatens Rare Turtles in Australia

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Al Qaeda carries out prison break in southern Yemen, Russia launches military draft in Crimea, a rare species of snapping turtles is mysteriously dying off in Australia, and drones track tomb raiding in Jordan.

Al Qaeda Releases Hundreds in Prison Break
Militants freed at least 270 inmates, including some of the group’s operatives.

Russian Military Launches Draft in the Annexed Territory
Moscow has plans to recruit up to 5,000 residents this year, regardless of their ethnic origin.

Mystery Virus Kills Hundreds of Rare Turtles
Wildlife experts don’t know why nearly 300 snapping turtles have died of the herpes-like disease in recent weeks.

Project Employs Drones to Track Tomb Raiding
The idea is to create high-resolution 3D models by piecing together hundreds of images so that archaeologists can detect the slightest changes in the scenery.

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