Hospitality Let It Roll 2014 – A Fans Journey

See what happens when a group of Hospital fans from Newcastle decided to undertake a road trip all the way to Let It Roll in the Czech Republic!

Music taken from Logistics – ‘Polyphony’:

Here’s a bit from them:

We drove from Newcastle to Dover picking various people up on the way. We caught an overnight ferry to Calais and continued driving into Belgium, where we slept in a lorry parking lot on the side of the motorway. The next day we continued through to Germany where we attended Annafest in Forchheim. This was the first beer festival I had ever been to and its safe to say I will be going back!

After another ‘comfortable’ nights sleep in the car we drove into the Czech Republic for a night out in Prague. This nights events stay with those who were unfortunate enough to witness them…. the next morning we gathered our wits and made our way to LET IT ROLL!

The festival was incredible, such friendly, happy people and the music blew me away!

I hope my film gives you some idea of the what it was like to undertake this journey!

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