Evol Intent & Ewun feat. Vicious Circle – Odd Number (The Surge) [original mix]

From our 2007 LP ‘Era Of Diversion,’ our collab with Ewun and Vicious Circle, ‘odd number.’

“‘NO BROV NEVER AN ODD NUMBER.’ This statement is how ‘Odd Number’ got it’s name. Initially we thought it was hilarious when Andrew VC said this at the tune’s humble beginnings, but behind the logic of making songs at even BPMs is very good reason I wasn’t aware of at the time. Years later I found out older MIDI sequencers would perform poorly and fuck up timing if you made a tune at an odd BPM.” -Gigantor

Also nicknamed ‘the surge’ since right after the file was a started a power surge hit the house (that good ol’ deep south ATL power grid).

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/evolintent/oddnumbertbt

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