Relatives of victims in Dead Sea tragedy wait outside a morgue

Relatives of victims in ‘Dead Sea tragedy’ wait outside al-Bashir Hospital’s morgue in Amman. At least 21 people, most of them schoolchildren, were killed in flash floods in Jordan, according to the emergency services, in what a government newspaper dubbed a “Tragedy at the Dead Sea”.

High unemployment, low salaries, and rising prices, Jordanians

Jordanian street and market vendors in Amman react to high unemployment, low salaries, and rising prices prior to the resignation of the Jordanian prime minister. Demonstrations have rocked the capital Amman and several other cities after the government adopted a draft income tax law and announced new price hikes based on recommendations by the International Monetary Fund.

Jordan: demonstration against Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Protesters gathered in Amman on Friday to condemn Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. US President Donald Trump’s December 6 announcement that he would break with decades of American policy and move his embassy to Jerusalem has stirred international condemnation, as well as protests across the Palestinian territories and Arab world.