She Lost Her Daughter In Parkland. Now, She’s Fighting For School Safety. (HBO)

A year ago, Lori Alhadeff was a soccer mom with three kids in the Parkland, Florida public schools.

But on February 14, that simple life was shattered in a hail of bullets fired by a school shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high School. Lori’s daughter, Alyssa, was among the 17 who died that day.

The year after has been one of pain and healing and hope for Lori. She became the face of anguish when a CNN camera captured her grief and the clip went viral. Now she’s trying to become the face of school safety as an advocate and elected member of the Broward County School Board.

Across the country, schools are still trying to figure out how to prevent the next parkland. Bills have been passed, experts have weighed in. School boards like the one in Broward are still making changes. VICE News follows Lori as she tries to make school safety a public priority.

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