Loko – Dubplate

LOKO – Twisted Mechanics EP [Screwloose Records]
Worldwide release May 20th 2013

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Ladies, gentlemen, speaker freaks… Bristol bass boutique Screwloose are back! It’s been several months since they unleashed their last trademark wild riddims. To make up for lost time, label co-founder LoKo has put together a whopping four-track episode. Not only is it the broadest, most comprehensive showcase he’s strutted so far… We can officially confirm that every single cut is a blinder.

We kick off with ‘Smash It’. To say it lives up to its name would be an understatement. Just check that first drop and you’ll understand: a crucial second of silence seems to linger forever before a huge, hoover bass rips the groove apart, sweeping up and down the sonic spectrum. Flipping to a more syncopated, staccato riff midway, it’s a celebration of D&B in its most carnal, uncompromised form. ‘Smash It?’ Blow it up to sonic smithereens more like.

‘Dubplate’ follows with a deeper nod to the more clinical, minimal D&B ideology. Paying homage to both early Metalheadz and the more modern stripped-back steppy constructions such as Critical or IM:LTD, it’s a stark sojourn into the darkest pastures of the dancefloor.

From classical steppery we switch to a full-flavoured growler. ‘Alpha One’ is a hypnotic brew of icy pads, razor-sharp beats, a nagging croak-like bass riff and bellowing wobbles on the fills. Textured with mesmerising metallic feedback, it’s like the ghost of Hendrix has sneaked itself into LoKo’s studio and started played gremlins on his DAW.

‘Tiki’ completes the set. A collaboration with fellow Program artist Nitri, ‘Tiki’ takes us deeper than LoKo has ever gone before. Teasing with tribal tenacity, weaves of percussive layers build and fall while haunted processed vocal edits spirit their way in and out of the mix, and heartbeat subs glue rigidly to the kicks. Spooky sonics don’t get much richer or engaging.

Four cuts deep and, we’re sure you’ll agree, every single one is a blinder. Hear LoKo like you’ve never heard him before… Let’s get twisted.


1. Smash It | 2. Dubplate | 3. Alpha One | 4. Tiki

Date:May 20th 2013
Cat: SCREW016


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