Noisia Radio S01E03

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Thijs has been exploring Florence in the days leading up to a show there tonight, whilst we (Nik and Martijn) were working on new Noisia material in the studios so we recorded this week’s episode of Noisia Radio together. With a selection ranging from Tipper to Mefjus and a bunch of unreleased music, including an exclusive first play of Teddy Killerz’ new EP on RAM Records.

Teddy Killerz -­ Hyperspeed [RAM RECORDS]
Hybris ­- Transgressor [INVISIBLE]
Nömak ­- Crystalline [FREE]
Optiv & BTK -­ Let It Loose (Emperor Remix) [DUTTY AUDIO]
Noisia & Evol Intent -­ Long Gone [VISION]
Zero T ­- Dice Game [FOKUZ]
Alix Perez & Eprom -­ Minotaur [ALPHA PUP]
Signal ­- Tripwire [INVISIBLE]
Mefjus ­- Hybrid [CRITICAL]
Subtension -­ Break & Go [INVISIBLE]
Noisia ­- Arcade Machine (Diegetic) [DIVISION]
Herzeloyd & KRNE -­ Shows [FREE]
Mefjus, The Upbeats & Inside Info -­ Footpath [VIRUS]
Erkiu -­ Yra [SHIRO]
Ivy Lab -­ Forex [CRITICAL]
Noisia ­- Nu Metal Dnb Lieve Intro [UNRELEASED]
Amon Tobin -­ El Cargo [NINJA TUNE]
Two Fingers & Noisia -­ Salah [DIVISION]
Sinthetix ­- Ultraviolet [CRYPTIC AUDIO]
Tipper -­ Trenched [TIPPERMUSIC]