Algerians demonstrate after interim leader called for “dialogue” | AFP

Algerians demonstrate in the streets of the capital Algiers after interim Algerian president Abdelkader Bensalah called for “dialogue” following the authorities decision to rule out holding a planned election on July 4. 1ST IMAGES

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Algiers: students demonstrate after army chief speech

Some 2,000 students and teachers demonstrate in Algiers to reaffirm their rejection of the presidential election scheduled for the 4th of July, the day after the movement’s demands were rejected by the military leadership, which has become the centre of the political game. Scuffles erupted between students and the riot police outside the government palace.

Algeria: People await the arrival of Abassi Madani’s body from Qatar

People gather outside the house of Abassi Madani, founder of Algeria’s banned Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), in Belcourt neighbourhood in Algiers, waiting for the arrival of his body from Qatar where he lived in exile. IMAGES