More than 400 arrested at Moscow police abuse march | AFP

More than 400 people including Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny are detained in Moscow, as authorities break up a rally urging police reform after the framing of a journalist on drugs charges.

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More than 400 arrested, including opposition leader Navalny, at Moscow march | AFP

More than 400 people including opposition leader Alexei Navalny are detained as authorities seek to break up a peaceful Moscow rally against the alleged impunity and corruption of police and courts. Russian police in riot gear moved in against the unsanctioned march at which some protesters chanted slogans against President Vladimir Putin on Russia Day, a public holiday. IMAGES of Alexei Navalny being arrested by police

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Navalny reacts after EU human rights court fines Russia

“It is a very fair judgement and I am satisfied”, says Alexei Navalny after the European Court of Human Rights rules that Russia’s repeated arrests of the opposition leader were politically motivated and orders the state to pay a 50,000 Euro fine. SOUNDBITE (completes VID1264546_EN)

Alexei Navalny leaves Moscow police station after being detained

Russia’s main opposition leader Alexei Navalny leaves the Danilovsky police station, escorted by the police to an ambulance. Navalny was detained outside his home in Moscow for reasons that were not immediately clear, his spokeswoman said on Twitter. IMAGES

Russian opposition leader Navalny appears in court over protest

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny appears in court over nationwide demonstrations last week that saw hundreds arrested as they protested Vladimir Putin’s inauguration for a fourth term. Navalny faces charges of organising an illegal protest and of disobeying police orders, which could see him jailed for up to two months or forced to pay a fine. A verdict was expected from the Moscow court on Friday, but the case was adjourned until next week for witnesses to be called.

Navalny joins thousands at rally in support of Telegram

Thousands rally in support of internet freedom after Russian authorities tried to block access to the popular messaging app Telegram in the latest onslaught against dissent under Vladimir Putin. In an usually strong turnout, at least 8,000 people including top opposition leader Alexei Navalny turn up in the centre of the Russian capital, many holding signs and shooting paper airplanes, the Telegram symbol.

How The Opposition Is Fighting Back In The Russian Elections (HBO)

Alexei Navalny was detained last month for organizing the January 28th protests, and is waiting for a court date which is likely to result in him being put away until April. His campaign manager and deputy Leonid Volkov is already in the slammer and not due out until March 24th. When your candidate – long-banned from running – is telling people not to vote, and will spend election day in prison, what is a campaign? It will be up to his die-hard believers to organize protests in Navalny’s name, risking arrest in the process, and likely failing to be effective in the end.

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