Feminist Apparel CEO Confessed To Sexual Misconduct And Then Fired His Staff (HBO)

Alan Martofel is the CEO of Feminist Apparel, a T-shirt company run out of a New Jersey strip mall.

After Donald Trump’s election, a number of Feminist Apparel campaigns and products went viral—and its shirts were a common sight at women’s marches. It was a Hashtag Resistance success story, with 360,000 followers on social media and a growing staff.

But this past July Feminist Apparel became the focus of a global Internet shitstorm, when Alan fired all but one of his employees.

It started five years ago, when Alan wrote a Facebook post admitting to having ”grinded up on women on buses and at concerts without their consent” and once putting “a woman’s hand on my dick while she was sleeping.”

He cataloged his sins, apologized, and declared the creation of Feminist Apparel his “humble attempt” at penance.

The post was public — and has since been deleted. But his employees had no idea. And when they discovered it, they were furious.

Alan had other ideas. Feminist Apparel would remain in business. But in an email to staff, he informed 9 of his 10 employees that they had been fired.

Feminist Apparel’s ex-employees say that the truth about the company’s founding is only part of their problem with Alan. ​​ ​

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