Birth defects & cancers: Vietnam demands Monsanto pay victims of Agent Orange

Vietnam is again seeking justice for the victims of Agent Orange, inspired by the multimillion-dollar verdicts against Monsanto in California. The biotech firm had supplied the US military with the chemical during the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA) has written a letter to a US court asking that it restart a class-action lawsuit by Agent Orange victims against American chemical firms, including Monsanto, which the Eastern District Court of New York dismissed in 2004, claiming a ‘lack of evidence’ and asserting that ‘herbicide spraying.. did not constitute a war crime pre-1975’.



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VICE News Daily: Foreigners Seek Refuge from South Africa’s Xenophobic Attacks

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Police stations provide safe haven for foreigners in South Africa, Central American migrants rally against Mexico’s controversial border security program, Vietnam veterans and anti-war activists from the United States visited victims of Agent Orange, and what the Gulf of Mexico looks like five years since the BP oil spill.

Foreigners Seek Safe Haven At Police Stations
Immigrants escaping xenophobic violence have sought refuge at police stations while they wait to go home.

Protesters Rally Against Controversial Border Security Program
Demonstrators in Mexico City marched against abuse suffered when crossing to the United States.

US Veterans, Activists, Visit Agent Orange Center
American veterans and activists visited victims of Agent Orange as the 40 year anniversary of the Vietnam War approaches.

Five Years Since BP Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill
Dolphins continue to die at four times the normal rate as the fifth anniversary of the BP oil spill passes.

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