Sudanese refugees flee slavery in Libya for ghettos in Niger

More than 1,200 refugees from Sudan are crowding into Agadez in northern Niger after fleeing Libya. The hope of reaching Europe has been lost by most of them after falling into the trap of smugglers.

Trapped in Agadez, but Europe mirage still dazzles

Agadez in Niger is a crossroads of hope and shattered dreams where would-be migrants headed for a better life in Europe cross paths with others who failed to make it and are heading home.

From boom to bust: crackdown takes toll on Niger smuggling hub

With tens of thousands of migrants flooding into the desert city of Agadez en route to Europe, Africa’s smuggling capital enjoyed a surge in business which boosted the local economy. But a government ban on the transportation of migrants has hit business badly, leaving disgruntled locals out of pocket.