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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian visit Ugandan orphanage

American rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West visit Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO) Children’s village in Masulita, some 40 kilometers north west from capital Kampala. Rap megastar West is in the east African nation to finish recording his ninth studio album “Yandhi”, which was meant to drop two weeks ago, until his surprise decision to go and record in Africa to “feel the energy”.

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A man in Mexico City keeps lions as pets

In a neighbourhood of Mexico City, surrounded by hyper-busy avenues, car noises are mixed with the powerful roars of three African lions, kept by Omar Rodriguez who raises these unusual pets alongside a dog.

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The Man Taking Voodoo Wrestling Worldwide (Preview) | VICE on HBO

Catch Fétiche — loosely translated, “voodoo wrestling” — is a uniquely Congolese fighting style: a combination of traditional African wrestling moves, old religious practices, and one man’s obsession with Hulk Hogan.

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African women hesitate to join #MeToo for fear of repercussions

Last year, bombshell sexual assault claims against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein triggered a worldwide movement against sexual violence and harassment. On twitter, the hashtag #MeToo became a focal point for the movement, marked by an increased openness in discussion of the issue. But for many women in Africa, speaking out against sexual harassment is more of a challenge.

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S.African villagers tap into trend for ‘superfood’ baobab

The fruit of the mighty African baobab tree is gaining popularity around the world thanks to its nutritional properties, and producers in South Africa are working hard to meet demand. The seeds and chalky powder inside the pods have become a global health craze celebrated for their vitamin-packed properties and now used in everything from flavoured soda, ice cream and chocolate to gin and cosmetics.

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May makes first visit to Africa as British PM

British Prime Minister Theresa May touched down in Cape Town as she kicked-off a tour of the African continent. IMAGES of arrival PM Theresa May

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La Rumba, the soul of Cuba and the assertion of African culture

Combining African and Spanish rhythms, rumba is a fundamental part of Cuba’s history and is wildly popular among locals who dance it as of a young age.