Columbine survivor says shooting showed ‘how fragile everything is’

Amanda Duran, who survived the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado 20 years ago, said the massacre shattered the feeling she had as a teenager that “nothing can go wrong.” AFPTV speaks to two survivors about the weight they still carry to this day.

Should college athletes continue to play for free?

Every spring, college basketball fever grips the United States during “March Madness”, a near month-long inter-university tournament watched by about 100 million television viewers. Considering the contest brings in a billion dollars in TV rights to the university sports league, some believe the players should be paid. A voiced version of an AFPTV report

Contested ‘beehive’ housing arrives in Barcelona on the sly

For the past few weeks Harry Kajevic has been sleeping in a 2.4-square-metre capsule flat in a clandestine location. He is one of the first residents of a “beehive”-style housing project, inspired by those in Japan or Hong Kong, which has opened in Barcelona despite not having a permit from the city authorities. A voiced AFPTV report.

Brexit: Game over for the British video game industry?

Like many businesses across the UK, the billion-pound video game industry is already feeling the negative impact of Brexit. A voiced AFPTV report.

‘Silent Night’: from village ditty to global Christmas hit

Austria has something special to celebrate this festive period as it marks 200 years since the first performance of one of the world’s most beloved Christmas carols, “Silent Night”. A voiced AFPTV report.

What do the “yellow vests” think of Macron’s U-turn?

“Yellow vest” protesters near Nantes tell AFPTV what they think of the French government’s U-turn on fuel tax rises in a bid to end increasingly violent demonstrations.

How engineers are straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Italy’s striking Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning less after years of ambitious engineering work. Fortunately for the millions of tourists who come here every year, the 57-metre (186-feet) tower remains beautifully askance. A voiced AFPTV report.

Fed’s Powell hints at higher rates following Trump attack

A day after President Donald Trump’s latest attack on the US central bank, Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell hints that the key lending rate will move higher, although there is no preset course. SOUNDBITEATTN CLIENTS: HD QUALITY AFPTV SOURCE OF THIS QUOTE WILL FOLLOW

Son of Mali hostage Sophie Pétronin expects more from France

A week ago, Frenchman Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin headed to the Sahel region in West Africa with the hope of obtaining his mother’s release. She was running a charity helping orphans when she was kidnapped by armed men in Gao, northern Mali, in December 2016. No group claimed responsibility for kidnapping until July 2017, when Al-Qaeda’s Mali branch released a video showing her. In a interview with AFPTV, he says the French state “isn’t doing enough.”

Long road ahead for families of jailed Myanmar reporters

The jailing of two Reuters reporters and the whistleblowing cop who tried to defend them in Myanmar has left three divided families. As Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo file an appeal to try to overturn their sentence, the three wives speak to AFPTV about the struggle of parenting solo in a country largely apathetic to their husbands’ plight.