Corbyn leaves London home as May loses parliamentary majority

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is met with cheers as he leaves his house in Islington to head to the Labour HQ after an election night which saw the Labour Party make key gains across the UK. IMAGES

Condoms, bribery, warlords: Afghans find truth in comedy

They are a thorn in the side of abusive Afghan warlords, corrupt policemen and double-dealing politicians, skewering them on television — with laughter.

Football: Joy for Venezuela in U20 final vs England

They are suffering hunger and violence, but baseball-mad Venezuelans found unexpected solace in football as their under-20 team won through to Sunday’s World Cup final against England.

British consulate hits the road for Lions fans in N.Z.

In an unusual move, British diplomats inspired by Cliff Richard have set up office in a bus to help rugby fans visiting New Zealand for the British and Irish Lions tour.

UK election: Jeremy Corbyn re-elected to north London seat

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected to his seat in north London in an election which sees Britain plunged into uncertainty with PM Theresa May tipped to lose her party’s majority. IMAGES

British people have had ‘enough of austerity politics’: Corbyn

British people have had ‘enough of austerity politics’, says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with his party tipped to increase its number of seats from 229 to 266. SOUNDBITE

Conservatives will ensure ‘stability’, says Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May says her Conservatives would ensure much-needed “stability” for Britain as the party reels from a string of losses from Thursday’s general election. SOUNDBITE

Cheers for Corbyn as he thanks Labour supporters

Labour supporters cheer leader Jeremy Corbyn with the party tipped to increase its number of seats from 229 to 266 in the UK election. SOUNDBITE

UK’s Corbyn calls for PM May to quit after election losses

British Prime Minister Theresa May should step down after losses for her Conservative Party in the general election, says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. SOUNDBITE

Art seeks to heal wounds in divided Cyprus

More than four decades after a war that led to the partition of the island, and despite the failure of previous peace talks, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots are seeking reconciliation through bicommunal art projects. This year, the southern coastal city of Paphos is the European Capital of Culture.