Macron: L’Europe est “trop faible, trop lente, trop inefficace”

ENGLe président français Emmanuel Macron a déclaré mardi que l’Europe était “trop faible, trop lente, trop inefficace” mais qu’il était aussi essentiel de la relancer face aux “grands défis” du monde.

Bulgarian village goes Chinese in yoghurt craze

The Bulgarian villagers hunker over their books, struggling with their Mandarin words and characters. But they are not going to China — the Middle Kingdom is coming to them. Because of yoghurt.

Rohingya toll mounts as Bangladesh hospitals struggle

More than 200 Rohingya are being treated in Sadar Hospital in Bangladesh, which has been inundated with patients, with a shortage of beds forcing doctors to house the sick on sheets spread out on the floor.

Theresa May meets Donald Tusk in London

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May meets EU President Donald Tusk Tuesday in London as EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and British counterpart David Davis pursue a fourth round of talks. IMAGES

Returning home, Syrians find Raqa battered beyond recognition

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces militia advances against Islamic State jihadists in Raqa.

Germany: AfD joins Parliament

After a shock election, the German right-wing populist party, AfD, joins Parliament for the first time on Tuesday. IMAGES

China disrupts WhatsApp ahead of Communist Party meeting

Chinese authorities appear to have severely disrupted the WhatsApp messaging app in the latest step to tighten censorship as they prepare for a major Communist Party congress next month.


Japan said Tuesday it killed 177 whales off its northeast coast in an annual hunt that sparks anger among animal rights activists and others.VIDEOGRAPHIC


Interpol is the world’s largest international police organisation. Based in the French city of Lyon, its role is to help police to fight crime across borders.VIDEOGRAPHIC


The US Securities and Exchange Commission has announced it is setting up a special unit dedicated to identifying cyber-related misconduct. The announcement came days after the top US financial regulator disclosed that it had been the victim of a hacking attack in 2016, and that the perpetrators may have been able to profit from the information.VIDEOGRAPHIC