‘Invasion Day’ protesters slam Australia Day celebrations

Thousands of Australians attend “Invasion Day” rallies across the country calling for a rethink of national day celebrations they say are disrespectful to indigenous people. The annual January 26 Australia Day holiday commemorates the arrival of the first British settlers in 1788, but for many Australians it marks the beginning of colonial oppression of Aboriginal people.

Prince Harry unveils plaque on Fraser Island in Australia

Prince Harry unveils a plaque in the forests of K’gari on Australia’s Fraser Island to dedicate the holiday site’s acres of rainforests to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy project. It is the second time the plaque has been unveiled and he was greeted with a traditional Aboriginal ceremony from the local Butchulla people.

Warriors Off The Res: Aboriginal Gangs in Winnipeg

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Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, Canada — and for 16 of the past 33 years, it has also been the country’s murder capital. The prairie city is home to just under 800,000 people, about 10 percent of whom are Aboriginal, meaning Winnipeg boasts the largest urban Aboriginal population in Canada. Largely impoverished and facing continual discrimination, the community has given rise to violent Aboriginal street gangs. VICE News went to Winnipeg to spend time with gang members and find out why they’re linked to the majority of the city’s murders.

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Murder and Corruption in Trinidad: http://bit.ly/1r0lNH8

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