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Last night’s long awaited Iowa Caucuses were meant to be a bench mark in the start to the 2020 Presidential Election, giving a first glimpse of where democratic voters stand. Instead, we left Iowa with no results. AP’s Iowa Political Reporter, Tom Beaumont, joins Julie Pace as they try and make sense of the chaos that ensued Monday night.

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Ground Game Podcast: One Year to Election Day 2020

We’re one year away from the 2020 Presidential Election. Democrats are locked in an intense battle over who is best equip to go up against President Donald Trump on the ballot. This, while Trump’s job approval ratings stay consistent despite the push for impeachment. Plus, we’re in Iowa following the “Liberty & Justice” dinner where democratic hopefuls made an effort to set themselves apart ahead of February’s Iowa Caucuses.

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US elections candidates try be ‘cool’ and brag about drug-use while kids can’t get jobs over pot

US politicians are already setting out their campaign strategies for the 2020 Presidential Election.

They are using every means at their disposal to be voter-friendly, even revealing personal details like drug taking.


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