Sunchase & Nickbee – Belltine

Fans of bass music are probably familiar with the work of the ukrainians Sunchase & NickBee. After receiving recognition and credibility among music fans and colleagues all over the world, the guys came to the decision to open their own label with the mysterious name 22:22, aiming primarily to release their own music. 22:22 – not just a label, it’s a whole community with a large number of participants, the purpose of which — to release music, to organize parties, to develop stage and support talented musicians who will be involved in a planned co-operation.

Sunchase – is an owner of the label, engaged in music for over 14 years, managed to release music on the legendary labels such as Moving Shadow, Hospital and many others. In 2010 he released his debut album «Static Nitro». Now Sunchase is preparing to release a new album.

At the same time NickBee, partner of a label, had a short period of time to reach the level of a long-term experience of Alexander, that resulted in a number of very successful collaborations of their joint and solo works. Since then, the guys started working together, their music is actively produced in the labels key areas. In particular, they recently released tracks on the legendary Invisible label by Noisia.

Today, 22:22 – This is the first Ukrainian drum and bass label, releasing music on vinyl and in digital format. Debut release will be the single with two tracks – «Summo» and «Belltine», threatening and sometimes futuristic sound that will not leave listeners different.

«Belltine» – is a joint work by Sunchase and NickBee. They completely filled the track with ominous sounds, and the plot of it is on the rise. Following the orderly entry in the track splashes powerful and heavy percussion, which creates an uncompromisingly harsh, staccato rhythm. In place of melody comes the sound of cold severity of iron percussion, powerful drums and thick bass lines. All this is under the cover of the cosmic sounds reminding Biomechanism, cold steel of which was in contact with the surface of the planets of the universe unknown to mankind.

On the flip you will find a work with a different mood.The sound track from NickBee «Summo» may initially seem more lenient, but this is only a first impression. After the entry there are heavy drums and “chewing” neurofunk bass lines. A light echo of the East which is skillfully interweaving into the structure of the track and touched with a characteristic lyrics of Nick.

Sunchase & Nickbee

a: Nickbee – Summo
b: Sunchase & Nickbee – Belltine
Cat Number : 2222_001
Release Date : 14th May 2012

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