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Signs – Osaris [Red Light Records]

Signs = Opsen Music + Primal Therapy + Le lutin

Bash Around demonstrates the quality that you would associate with Red Light, coupled with a strong sense of the future, and an approach dripping with sci-fi influences. Harsh, sliding samples sit on top of a storming, modulated beat, as the bass slides up to you, giving it to you full in the face. Elements of Optiv, BTK and classic Bad Company are easy to spot, but Bash Around certainly has enough of the young French crew to make it different, an d unique. A strong but subtle take on the sound, this one is set to be a fixture in the clubs.

Flip side Osaris is equally as big, just in a different way. A dryer, more insistent drum set sits underneath this one, with moving effects and some big, big synths. Less straight-up than its predecessor, it’s still all hands to the pump when this one drops. Forceful, funky and unforgiving, Signs lay out what they can do, and believe us, they can do it well.

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