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Seibel – Overclocking

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Released 24th April.

For nearly two decades, Seibel has been pushing his love for drum & bass throughout both his dj sets and each meticulous production he’s released onto a widespread audience. Born in St. Petersburg, the cultural hub of Russia’s longstanding love affair with drum & bass, he’s risen from the cities smallest clubs to open air concerts in some of its most withstanding musical venues. And Russia is well known for its stellar output of drum & bass, with Seibel proving he’s yet another producer who proves they’re still paving ways for the genre globally.

Already immersed in dance music from a young age, his inspirations span across a wide range of musical influences. And since 2012, he’s also drawn his signature style from variety of cultures, now residing in Cologne and playing behind the decks at venues throughout Germany. With an educated ear he’s taken every experience and moulded them into the expert craftsmanship which he demonstrates for his next single on Druid Records. The Essex based label has always focused on the newest and hardest hitting sounds drum & bass has to offer, with neurofunk being a particular passion. Siebel fits at home amongst its darker side, stretching his production finesse against the labels rougher edges.

Supported on the seminal Noisia radio podcast, ‘Overclocking’ and ‘Level Up’ help to centralise Seibel’s sound. Bringing forward the speedily clattering beats and growling bass which has made him so infamous, ‘Overclocking’ welcomes you to a soundscape which twists and winds down minimalist rhythms curving their way around your aural senses. Bit by bit the track creeps up on you, filling out the mix and presenting a record which builds cleverly without apologies.



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