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Since releasing his first ever tune on Med School in 2006, S.P.Y has been the name on everyone’s lips. With previous releases on Innerground, Spearhead, Critical and Metalheadz, to name but a few, S.P.Y signed exclusively to Hospital at the start of 2012, bringing in the deeper, darker sounds of the underground and keeping things fresh with his unique, sub-genre spanning music. This year alone he has impressed with the “Love & Hate EP” and vinyl-only release “Future Tense feat. Jo-s / Roll The Dice”. Now he brings us his debut album “What The Future Holds”. Prepare to be blown away.
Unanimously praised across the scene, S.P.Y’s exceptional creativity and astute production skills means he is the go-to name in D+B right now, with support from everyone from Bailey, Doc Scott and Storm through to Sub Focus, London Elektricity and Annie Mac.

Across the thirteen-track selection, we are treated to an array of different styles as S.P.Y blends moody sub-bass driven soundscapes in tracks like “Bass Terror” with an old-skool vintage aesthetic, harking back to the late 90s “golden era” of D+B in moments like “Analogue Dreams”. Soaring vocals are paired with uplifting synth sweeps and rolling breaks in tracks such as “See The Light”, “Hammer In My Heart” and title track “What The Future Holds”, whilst a ballad-like aspect takes over in “Love Hurts”. Things get nasty with the rough, tough, tech-y vibes in “Back Again” and “Infiltrate”, whilst the blissed out “Kiss The Sky” brings the album to a poignant finale.
Featured vocalists include Diane Charlemagne, who was immortalized in “Inner City Life” and lends her powerful soulful tones to “Hammer In My Heart”, and Ian Shaw — one of the UK’s finest jazz vocalists (named Best Jazz Vocalist at the BBC Jazz Awards in 2004 and 2007).

“What The Future Holds” is an incredible, awe-inspiring debut from S.P.Y which will capture the imagination of D+B fans from across the board.

Photography by Andy Hague
Edited by Nezih Sava┼čkan (http://www.redhavoc.co.uk)

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